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The Master of Church Music

Admission Requirement
Bachelor's degree in music or its equivalent is required. Students accepted for the program may be required by the faculty to take Pre-M.C.M. courses if their undergraduate degree was not taken with a concentration in the field of specialization classes at the graduate level.

Music Placement Test
The placement test will begin during the registration period to determine proficiency levels of entering students.

Requirement for Degree
M.C.M. requires completion of 36 units of graduate courses, 12 units from the Core Courses, 16 units from the General Courses, and 8 units from Applied Music Studies. Graduate Recital or Graduate Project is required.


Mission and Objectives


New California Conservatory of Music is a graduate level educational institution preparing Korean/English speaking men and women with professional competence, academic excellence, and spiritual integrity to be servant leaders in the Church, community, and global society for the glory of God.  


The academic program is based on Christian theology and is aimed at fostering an understanding of and respect for the racial, cultural, ethnic, and special needs of a diverse society. NCCM encourages students to participate in dialogue that applies the teachings of the Bible and Christian doctrine in life situations.


NCCM is committed to providing a comprehensive, quality education program for students seeking to serve the needs of the community. Qualified students are admitted without regard to their ethnic background, age, or physical challenge.


The New California Conservatory of Music commitment emphasizes strong instructional programs that foster Christian ethics, scholarship, research, imagination, knowledge application, self-challenge, and community responsibility conducted in an academic environment that is designed to meet the professional growth needs of its students. The educational programs of study provided by NCCM also are designed to nurture the development of critical thinking abilities and effective communication skills. In addition, students are expected to demonstrate Christian teaching skills. The quality of the NCCM program is assured through the coordinated efforts of a highly qualified faculty and support staff whose input and dedication form the foundation of the conservatory.


The mission of New California Conservatory of Music emphasizes student outcomes and goals and provides, through dedicated instruction, the requisite skills for graduating students to bring Christian principles to the community.  Students enrolled in degree programs at NCCM are provided instruction designed to enhance their knowledge of Christianity through an educational program aimed at Christian community service.


The purpose of New California Conservatory of Music is to provide instruction designed to assure student success in an advanced academic program of study in their chosen career areas and in their personal lives via the application of Christian faith and teachings. To further progress toward the attainment of the conservatory’s stated purpose, NCCM further emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills, an integration of curricula among academic disciplines, involvement of community as an extension of Christian teaching, and the impact of religious teaching on the social behavior of community.


The conservatory’s emphasis on building on the student’s individual cultural, linguistic, and racial differences to meet the changing needs of the community assures that the learning environment is stimulating and keyed to the institution’s purpose, mission, and objectives.  New California Conservatory of Music’s mission focuses on serving students and the community through providing a comprehensive quality educational program and learning environment aimed at providing responsible and qualified human resources dedicated to meeting diverse and emerging community religious needs.


New California Conservatory of Music provides an articulated curriculum and related learning activities designed to educate students of all ages, religious beliefs, and interests. The conservatory is particularly adept at providing Christian education to culturally, linguistically, ethnically, and racially diverse individuals in its service community.


New California Conservatory of Music recognizes its commitment to the academic requirements of teaching, research, and scholarship through its continuing support for a comprehensive library and computer support center. The conservatory provides comprehensive support services that help each diverse student to succeed in his/her area of study based on changing needs and identified goals. The conservatory aims its academic programs toward those adult learners who are fluent in the Korean language and have earned an advanced degree that qualifies them for entrance into graduate studies. NCCM expects its graduates to be qualified for employment in church-based and religious service organizations as well as community service agencies. The knowledge and skills learned as a result of their participation in the academic programs at NCCM should enable them to obtain and successfully hold positions in these related fields and to earn salaries commensurate with others in the same fields of employment.   

"Notice to Prospective Degree Program Students"

This institution is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education to offer degree programs. To continue to offer degree programs, this institution must meet the following requirements:

  • Become institutionally accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education, with the scope of the accreditation
    covering at least one degree program.
  • Achieve accreditation candidacy or pre-accreditation, as defined in regulations, by July 1, 2017, and full accreditation by July 1, 2020.

If this institution stops pursuing accreditation, it must:

  • Stop all enrollment in its degree programs, and
  • Provide a teach-out to finish the educational program or provide a refund.
  • An institution that fails to comply with accreditation requirements by the required dates shall have its approval to offer degree programs automatically suspended.

NCCM is currently involved in gaining Accreditation from the
Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS).

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