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Dance Classes

we offer dance classes to both children and adults with some of Orange County’s best dance.

Both a discipline and an art form, Ballet stands in a class of its own. Ballet requires strength and patience because of its difficult technical elements. Taking years to develop, the body is set in various positions and poses which require flexibility in the back, legs, rib cage, and feet. Dedication to the study over an extended period of time will increase fluidity, grace, and technique. Ballet is a sound base for any style of dance.

Bringing together the culture of street dancing and the technical training of dance, Hip Hop has an entertainment quality uniquely its own. Studies of the instructor’s style, utilizing the beats and rhythms of the music, as well as isolating the different body parts Hip Hop dancers look as if it they were “free-stylin’”.

An upbeat, energetic style of dance, Jazz encompasses strength, discipline, and style. Choreography is set to a fast pace music with aerobic- like action involving all muscles in the body. Jazz focuses on increasing flexibility and muscle tone while building musicality and proper technique.

This class, like most dance classes, is a "brain gym" that exercises your memory and coordination in addition to the physical benefits. AND, we use a variety of music genres. There is a style for everyone in this popular class!

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